Over the summer of 2018, Charlie Szoradi designed and launched the “Plan, Plant, Planet” stacked text brand as a way to help bring attention to the value of localized indoor farming and the value of planting trees to help reduce climate change. He included the PPP brand on apparel and other products, and sourced eco-friendly and recycled base materials to reinforce the sustainability message. To see the products, click here for the Sustainable Gear.

Charlie is the President of The Agrarian Group (TAG), and you can learn more about TAG and Charlie’s background in sustainability here: https://www.theagrariangroup.com/ and on Instagram @Sustainability_Charlie

Charlie is a sought after thought leader with three decades of experience in sustainability. to learn more about Charlie and to revie his speaker profile see: https://plan-plant-planet.com/book-charlie/

Taking it to the Next Level:

At the end of 2021 Charlie met Renae Buono in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, where they both live. They learned about their shared passion for the outdoors and started dating in early 2022. Renae saw that Charlie liked to wear the PLAN PLANT PLANET gear, and he gave her one of his shirts to take on a trip to Florida with her girlfriends. Renae came up with the idea that the two of them should plant a tree together at the Nature Center where they went on their first hike together. Charlie loved the idea and the conversation advanced to encouraging others to plant seedling trees when they travel. The idea is now to geolocate the tees that are planted so that each individual, couple, or family, can build a living treasure map of the trees that they have planted to pass on to future generations. The map becomes a living legacy!

The idea is that many small “micro” actions can add up to large “macro” impact if many people get involved.

At the beginning of Summer 2022, Renae and Charlie met with a Park Ranger at a Nature Center in the western Philadelphia suburbs. Charlie was wearing the PLAN PLANT PLANET shirt and he and Renae explained the planting idea. The ranger liked the idea a lot and suggested a “planting event” at the Nature Center in the fall to serve as a springboard for the attendees to take on the travel planting in their future travels outside of the region.

This incremental evolution of the idea is the origin story of PLAN PLANT PLANET.