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Get the state-of-the-art GARDYN for growing vegetables right at home.

It is TIME Magazine’s 2022 “Best Invention of the Year”.  Easy and affordable fresh vegetables with:

  • Automated water and light schedule
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered growth assistant
  • Vacation mode, and much more.

If you want fresh vegetables from a garden all year long, go for the GARDYN. The AI-powered vertical indoor-growing system lets you choose from 32 fruits, vegetables, greens, herbs and flowers that will ripen right in your living room. Load the seedpods into GARDYN, and its companion app monitors light, humidity and soil saturation, keeping tabs on growth via cameras to let you know when the crops are ready. Getting kids to eat a salad is a lot easier when they harvest the greens themselves, so feel free to ask them to chip in and help nurture your new garden!

See for yourself how quickly you can put it together. Watch the Home Garden video.

“Over the past few years, I have tried everything from outdoor gardens and windowsill farming to horizontal grow light racks to produce great veggies at home. This GARDYN device makes it so much easier. The automated watering and lighting are excellent, and the vertical LED grow lights give me the ability to grow 30 plants in just about two square feet of floor space.” – Charlie Szoradi, President of The Agrarian Group. For support: Mobile: 610.551.5224 or

The Agrarian Group (TAG) and GARDYN are two of the sponsors for the FUTURE FOOD Conference that is live in Philadelphia and virtual around the world October 20-21, 2023. Both Charlie Szoradi (President of TAG), and FX Rouxel (CEO of GARDYN) are also speaking at the conference. Check out the roster of world class authors and thought leaders who are Speakers at the Future Food Conference.

Nutrition and More: The plants in the GARDYN device will feed veggies for a family of four each week! Saving money on veggies is one thing, but the zero pesticides and higher nutrients is a key selling point for many people. About 90% of leafy greens and veggies in the U.S. come from California, and they often lose over 40% of their nutrients in week long refrigerated transit across the country. Plus the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from the agriculture industrial complex is over 20%, which is higher than GHG from cars. Growing veggies at home is good for you, your wallet, and the planet.